How to Get an A+ on your Back-to-School Sales Promotion

Back To School Sales Promotion


Your summer sales promotion is reaching an end. Your customers are taking a well-deserved vacation. But there’s no rest for ecommerce retailers. It’s time to kick off your back-to-school sales promotion. To attract website traffic and increase online conversions, expand your thinking beyond books and backpacks. Apparel, computers, and iPods feature on the list of popular back-to-school items. Your sales promotion may even include short vacations or family-fun days, offering parents quality time with their kids before the semester starts.

Consumer spending on school supplies for kindergarten through college students generates the largest retailing surge outside of the holiday shopping season. U.S. consumers will spend over $68 billion on school supplies in 2011, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), with 31.7 percent of consumers purchasing school supplies online. Rising gas prices and continued pressure on household spending have increased the attraction of internet retailing. Over 15 percent of consumers expect to do more of their back-to-school shopping online this year. A well-designed sales promotion strategy will boost your online conversions during this peak retail period.

Back-to-School Checklists:

Feature back-to school checklists in your sales promotion to help busy customers get organized. List all the essential items that students require, with clickable links to each product to create a seamless customer experience. Create different versions of the checklist to suit various age groups. School supplies for kindergarten are very different to those required by college students. Your college checklist may even include furniture for students moving away from home for the first time.

Use your Back-to-School Sales Promotion to Cross-sell:

Your back-to-school sales promotion is an ideal opportunity to cross-sell related products. If your customer is looking at paper supplies, draw their attention to your great offers on pens and pencils. If they’re interested in a lap-top computer, suggest a protective carry case. Well-timed reminders on relevant product pages will help draw customers’ attention to complementary items.

Consumers are Searching for Deals and Discounts:

Almost 30% of back-to-school consumers will increase the amount of internet comparison shopping they undertake in 2011, according to NRF. Increase your online conversion rate by highlighting offers and discounts on relevant sales promotion product pages. Compelling real-time offers can be highly effective in persuading visitors to commit to their purchase rather than continuing to shop around.

Tailor the discounts included in your back-to-school sales promotion. For example, rather than offering 10 per cent off the price if customers purchase multiples of one product, consider tagging a range of items as part of your back-to-school sales promotion. Offer a 10 per cent price reduction when customers purchase five tagged items in one transaction.

Create a Sales Promotion for Parents:

With kids returning to school or heading off to college, you also have an opportunity to create a sales promotion aimed at parents. Consider promoting revive-the-romance vacations for new empty nesters or spa days to recover from the stress of settling a teenager into college.

With a little creativity, your back-to-school sales promotion can start the semester at the top of the class.

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